Blue Graffiti Cabinet

We found this cool 1950’s cabinet on Craiglist and decided to use up paint from old cans in the garage. It was woodgrain brown. I started with this red-orange as an undercoat. No, I didn’t scratch or prep the surface at all.


Then I started experimenting with streaks of pale turquoise blue, and sprayed over some chicken wire with gray. I didn’t like it, and chose to sloppy cover the whole cabinet with the turquoise paint–avoiding corners and legs for later.

Then I did the same thing to the cabinet doors. Had some fun with the yellow paint. Got out my stencils and spray painted a few numbers with green paint. I also used another tiny diamond stencil and spray painted some red.

I put the doors back on and began scratching back and sanding back to reveal more orange undercoat and also to pull the scheme together.

I decided the chalky bright blue was too much, and took some brown antique gel, mixed it with lots of water in a dish, and rubbed the whole piece down. It quieted the blue down for a more aged look.

It was fun to scrape, scratch, and sand all over the cabinet and really dig in to certain high exposure areas like the surface and corners. I added different sized and shaped drawer pulls for that off-beat look.

photo 1

On the ends, I added more dabs of color, more graffiti ala stencils and spray.

photo 2

photo 3

I made this graffiti cabinet over a year ago, and have since converted an old window frame to a mirror above it. I’m ready to redoux them both now, but it was spring and my garage doors were open, birds were singing, and I was in that trance of creative Flow.

IMG_0302 - Version 2


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