DIY: Rustic Slab Table

In Bellingham, we go to the ReStore whenever we want supplies to start a DIY project. The ReStore is devoted to scavenging and providing used lumber and building supplies at super cheap prices.

Naturalists at heart, we love to Upcycle and Recycle whenever we can in our projects.

This worn and weathered slab was one such find. It was $6.00. In another aisle, we found 4 metal leg coverings for $4.00. The legs were made from 2 very beat 2×2’s for .50. Total cost for rustic slab table = $10.50.


We used L-brackets to attach the legs. The metal leg coverings attached with screws.

The slab is sort of heavy, and we wondered if it might be “top heavy” on spindly legs when we stood it up. But no. Its steady and fits like a dream behind our couch.
photo 2

The RE Store was founded in 1993 by the non-profit organization
RE Sources for Sustainable Communities to address the growing problem of wasteful disposal of useable building materials, most of which were buried in the local landfill. The organization focuses green building and reuse.


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