Fear & Somatic Transformation

This was originally posted 1/28/2008


Reducing Fear has been a lifelong project of mine. It sort of runs in my family. Everyone has these speedy nervous systems that keep their hands cold & clammy and keep their minds and their bodies running like rabbits. Call it energetic. Call it Type A. Call it high-strung. Call it busy. I call it fear.

Most people I know would probably describe me as energetic and productive. Maybe they can’t see the low-grade agitation, humming, busy-mind that drives it all. And, until the past few years, neither could I.

Fortunately, this rabbit is settling down.

Since the I have discovered Somatic Transformation, ala Peter Levine, I have come to know that there are many, many rabbits out there running ragged, stressy, multi-tasking, spacey, overwhelmed, and through it all trying to be cheerful. I learned that my body’s nervous system had memorized and repeated, for the umpteenth billion time, how to misfire at certain stimuli. Through my own work, I learned I could calm it down with a few basic techniques, like tracking subtle internal states. Its changed everything. I’ve had the courage to enter into all kinds of old territories maintaining a new calm within.

If you’re in Bellingham, try connecting with Scot Nichols, our town’s Somatic Integrity specialist. http://www.somatic-in.com/

Don’t wait a day longer to learn a way to move through life more calmly, comfortably, clearly.


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