Vertical Driftwood Sculpture

I love driftwood.

I was born on Vashon Island, and the beach is a comforting place for me. I love to walk along the shoreline in search of colored beach glass and driftwood. My favorite driftwood is usually smooth, weightless, and soft gray-white.

One day several year back, meandering the beach, I began collecting all these little sticks for a tiny, model log house. I thought I’d use a glue-gun and make a Frank Lloyd Wright miniature log cabin. But, family and friends showed up at the beach house, and so I ended up storing my collection in the basement. Along with my beach rocks. And shells. Then we moved, and I schlepped it all to the new house, despite urges to purge it all.

I am so glad I didn’t! I had a brainstorm and came up with this idea: a Vertical Driftwood Sculpture.


Let me tell you how I made it, in case you want to make one too. First, get thee to a beach and enjoy the search. You’ll need 40 dry pieces ranging from 8-16 inches long and about a nickel to quarter-size around:

photo 4

Then, each piece needs to be cut with a chop saw to get a nice, flat bottom. You’ll need a piece of 1×2. Decide how long you want your sculpture to be. Mine is 6 feet long. I painted mine black, but a bright color would be super modern.

photo 1

This is the tricky part. Each piece of wood needs to be screwed in with a drill gun. I tipped my piece of wood on its side, clamped on both ends, and began drill up through the base into each piece of driftwood. I thought the small pieces might split, but they didn’t. Yay.

photo 2

Because of their lovely, naturally wavy shapes, I just eye-balled where to place them, I didn’t measure. Easy peasy. It took an hour, and I am so darn happy with my Vertical Driftwood Sculpture.


Here’s a few more fun angles.


(Funny tidbit: when I sent a photo of this to my artist friend Heidi, she thought the sculpture was 5 feet tall. Good idea!)




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