Offbeat Art: Face Against the Glass

photo 2Why not frame up your Face Against The Glass~FATG~just for fun?

I found an old multi-pane window at our favorite Recycling store the Restore, and painted it a deep orange-red. I decided to have some fun snapping photos of my son’s friends who were over in our garage on the climbing wall.

I took a large framed window and had them each hold the edge, while smooshing their sweet faces up against the glass.

photo 1
Getting the lighting right, and avoiding glare was key.

Cleaning the glass with Windex in between shots was important.


It turns out that choosing which smoosh to print was the hardest part. Some were too gross. Some were too creapy.

The group shot on the left was a blast. Teens are totally up for this sort of thing. Irreverence is fun.

In the end we chose the best FATG individual smooshes, and left a few window panels blank. For graffiti.

I had the copy shop print these on 12x 16 cardstock. Its great having this hanging in the house. Maybe we’ll put the family FATG on our holiday card this year~


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