DIY: Rustic Honey Box

Pinterest rocks! There are lots of crafters making these, and I had to have my own. I love the new Rustic Modern aesthetic, because I think it encourages everyone to recycle and even upcycle old stuff.

For instance, I upcycled old planks from my scrap wood pile to make my honey box.

photo 5

Here’s the easy tutorial:

For my square box I used 1×5 pieces of wood. Cut 2 pieces 14 inches long. Cut the other pieces 14 inches+the width of your wood. Mine is 3/4 thick, so my other pieces are 14 3/4 long.


I used a nice, fat line of glue along the edges. I always use Gorilla Glue on my wood projects, its got a beasty hold.


In order to nail the two corners together, I set them up at a right-angle (with Anne Lamott’s help). Use any shelf or book to create this support for nailing ends. I put in 3 short nails in each corner.

photo 2

After the four corners are glued and nailed, move onto the bottom pieces of wood. I used 1×3 inch wood for the bottom slats. I cut 4 of them 14 3/4 inches long.


I left slight spaces between my slats for the old fashioned fruit box effect.


For the finish on this box, I used 2 layers to create the rustic effect. First, I painted the box all white. Then I brushed on a dark stain from Minwax, called Jacobean.


After everything was dry, I used a coarse grit sandpaper and scratched up the corners and bottom. Then, I went to the awesome Graphics Fairy website and found some “honey” and “bee” images that I liked. I used Gel Medium to apply them.


I used Stencils and brown paint to apply the “B Honey” to one side.

photo 1

If I had all the honey bear bottles I have purchased in 30 years of loving Early Gray tea, the honey box would beover-flowing. Instead, I filled the box with some favorite ports and liqueurs, and put it in place. Easy and nifty!

photo 5


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