Toes: a poem


Post shower sitting with feet up
first sunny day in 80 gray ones
pulling pale white foot to me
realize never seen my toes
inside 9 rainy months of shoes

are those little age cracks?
vampire toes yellowish hidden from daylight
covered in slippers, socks, boots, running shoes, clogs, tall boots, mary janes, laced, velcroed, tyed-up, zipped,
strapped little shoe hostages

they’ve been good to me
steering me
carrying me
bearing me

through runs, dog walks, listless shopping, zumba thumping,
uneven hikes, stinky sheets,
gym shower floor with all the other toes in town,

suffocating in wool sox
choked bloodless cold in ski boots climbing shoes
never once in 49 hard-working years gotten a pedicure
10 slaves I walk all over

sitting at the end of a crossed leg waiting


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