DIY: Rustic Kitchen Billboard

photo 1-11“Hungry for a nosh?” my Eastcoast in-laws might ask. Nosh is Yiddish for “snack,” and this is Reality Sandwiches, with a friendly photo tutorial on creating the kitchen billboard of your dreams!

First, I always re-use old wood when I can. But I didn’t have the size I needed in my own pile. So it was off to the Bellingham ReStore for recycled lumber. I also like to peruse neighborhood free piles for wood scraps.

I wanted my billboard to be 5 feet long, by 20 inches high to sit above my kitchen cupboards. At the Restore, I found exactly what I needed: several old fence boards, some 3 inch wide and some 5 inch wide.

I cut several boards about 5 feet in length. In order to secure them altogether, I used lots of Gorilla Glue, and screwed 3 pieces of 1 x 5 inch wood to the back like this:


Then I used Minwax Jacobean dark stain to begin creating the aged look I want this sign to have:



After the stain dried quickly in the sun, I put a thin coat of white paint I found in the garage. After it dried, I began sanding back the white, to reveal the darker stain, creating that rustic effect.


Now for the letter-painting. I am not a fine painter. I love stencils and copying as much as anyone. But alas, I could not find any stencils that were 16 inches tall! I had to bite the bullet and decide to draw them with pencil. First, I found a font online called Bodini and printed the word NOSH to fit an 8 1/2x 11 page. I used it as a model for each letter. Then I started faking it. What do you think?


Here I am tickled-pink that I was actually able to achieve that lettering!


I saved space on the left end, for an old-fashioned advertising touch:

photo 3

You can see by the ends of the board were cut slightly uneven, giving it that rustic look. The yellow circle is the size of one of my dinner plates, traced with pencil. The “have a” in cursive, comes from a 1950’s ad, easy to google.

Here are a few more pics of my “have a Nosh” billboard, after sanding the black lettering, the yellow accent, and all the edges a bit more:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3photo 2

Thanks for reading! Be sure to ask me any questions you have on this sort of project, as I love to help out or help fake it when I can’t~


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