DIY: Turn any vase into stylish “Milk Glass”

IMG_2510I love DIY projects, and I love Pinterest. One of the cool and also important trends of modern tech, is that it often cuts through class and economic barriers. If you have access to a computer with wifi (library), or a smart phone with data, your input can be heard. That’s not a small thing in a country that places so much emphasis on status, class background, visuals and unconscious ranking of each other. So Pinterest includes many, many voices and ideas, and I dig the DIY category as much as chocolate.

Here is a fun idea: ask your mom or dad if they remember “milk glass.” Its an opaque or translucent colored glass from 16th century France, made into vases and bowls. It was once super popular and is considered a collectible. Here’s a fun idea on how to make your own mock “milk glass” for practically free!IMG_2511

First, rummage through your glass vases, or head to Goodwill and pick up some for 99 cents. Choose a range of sizes~they can be any color, but make sure they’re glass.

Next, head to the hardware store and pick up a spray can of Rustoleum: Pure Gloss White. This is the only brand that does this. The effect is stunning. This paint on glass replicates “milk glass” like no other. One good spraying is all I put on this assortment of vases you see above. Super easy make over!

I gave away a few, but here are a couple of the “milk glass vases” in my house with early spring sprigs in them:

photo For this price, you can make a bunch and give them away at Mother’s Day to all the special mom’s you know in your world. Happy Pinning!


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