DIY: Modern Clip Photo Frame

I am crazy about photos and am often stumped about how to get more of my favorites out around the house.  I was in a waiting room office recently and saw articles hanging on clipboards on the wall~ and a little lightbulb went on. So I went home to my garage and wood pile and came up with this:

photo 2

Of course I dig these because they are 1 part rustic (burlap) and 1 part modern (clip) and 1 part thrifty to make. These are easy to put together and allow you to print any photo and display instantly.

Here’s how:  head to your wood pile and recycle some scraps if you can. I used 1/2 inch thick wood and cut it into 8 1/2 inch wide by 11 inch tall pieces  (the size of a piece of printer paper). Then I sanded the edges with medium grit sand paper, making sure corners are “softened.”


Don’t worry about the quality of the wood, it all gets covered up. Now pull out your paints, and put a fat band of black acrylic paint around the edges.


When its dry,  spray a shiny varnish sealer on the edges. For the interior, I cut my burlap into 7 1/2 by 9 1/2 inch pieces. Tip: pull a burlap string -and it creates a perfect channel to cut a straight line in. I hammered brass furniture tacks on the corners to hold the burlap onto the wood.



At JoAnn’s Crafts, I found these cool “thread holders,” and used a hot glue gun to firmly apply them to the frames. But any clip would work, I even thought of using clothing pins.

photo 1

The mix of wood, burlap, and plastic made these sort of POP with that rustic chic thang. I think sepia and black & white photos look pretty nifty.

photo 3

If you like this modern clip photo frame, please pin to Pinterest for me, yes? Thank you!

photo 1


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