Modern Planter


These are so crazy cool and blessedly fast to make. Okay, so its out of season right now, but I am posting this for those living in continuously warm climates. Like Hawaii or something. These modern planters are made from old filing cabinets!   

REcycling at its best, right? I found my old filing cabinets on Craigslist and at the local ReStore for about $5 to $10/each.


Next, sand with a medium grit sandpaper over the whole surface. Your primer will stick better.


Roll on primer. Use a brush for tight places.IMG_3068

Next, is the fun part of choosing your paint colors. I’ve seen these in yellow and in white. I chose a gray-blue and a friendly orange. Roll those colors on.


We made 4 and gave one away to a great friend with a new store.IMG_3071

Now comes the recyclables. What? Yes! Get out all of the plastic bottles, tin cans, and packing peanuts you can find. Throw it all in and pack it down, until your planter is 2/3 full with recyclables. What for? They drain well and save on the amount of dirt you need. Place your container where you want it to live for a while. Place a layer of landscape fabric over your recyclables. Add dirt. Add tall flowers or plants, and place bark mulch and a layer of rock around the plants for cool.

Here is one planter in the yard with baby bamboo in it.

photo 1

The other 2 filing-cabinet-planters are a visual hit on our deck! Enjoy!

photo 2


2 thoughts on “Modern Planter

    1. Thank you Rebecca! Well, four years later there IS a bit of rust. Mostly near the bottom. I live in PNW and there’s lots of rain. In a dryer climate they might not rust as quickly. That said, they’re still on our deck looking pretty good👍🏻

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