To Paleo, or not to Paleo?

UnknownEating grain-free.

The grain-free diet seems to have become quite popular of late, and many questions have arisen in response.

There are many ways to follow the grain free diet, some mean rice and wheat free, others eliminate even grain-like seeds and grasses such as wild rice, quinoa, amaranth, millet and buckwheat. Nada grain. I’m eating seeds and quinoa.

There are also many names for the grain free diet: some people call it Paleo, others call it the Primal diet, still others use no definition at all. I’ve heard GAPS too (gut and psychology diet), as food and mood are very connected. Take it from Amy over at SIT:

“Living free of refined sugars and gluten since 2004 has allowed me to live a fulfilled, healthy life. My food cravings, migraines, and depression vanished and was able to maintain a 60+ pound weight loss.”

Most bloggers I choose to read, and friends I know who choose to eat Paleo, are doing it for health and emotional reasons. Losing weight is not the goal. Getting away from fatigue and brain fog is. Feeling good, bright, smart, and energized is the new goal!

Another BIG trigger for ill-health is sugar. Gotta kick the habit? Man, I’ve been in denial for years, eating and baking with organic cane sugars and agave like a mad-woman. And battling acne and IBS.

I’ve been gluten free for 10 years, and so letting go of rice was a little hump to get over. Next came giving up sugar. Ack. If you’re  curious about going grain-free and how the hell you will satisfy a sugar tooth, you’re not alone.

However, the day I pulled out my first chocolate cake baked with Healthy Baking Principles, I literally jumped around the kitchen doing the happy dance. I had found alternatives that made sweets that tasted SO great, and were actually good for me!

Onward with recipes: I will post all of my favorite grain-free, dairy-free, refined-sugar-free baking recipes in Living Healthy for you to peruse. Cakes, donuts, cookies, muffins~ baked with principles that keep metabolism high, glycemic sugars LOW, and bodies nourished

Great Breakfast Muffin:

Fruity Flaxy Muffins:

1 1/2 cup almond flour

1 1/4 cup flax (toasted, ground, organic)

1 cup coconut sugar

2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder (aluminum free)

1 1/2 Himalayan salt

1 TB cinnamon

Stir all dry ingredients together:

photo 1

Cuisine art pulse:

2 apples

3 large carrots

Add to mix:

1/2 cup non-candied dried cranberries

3/4 Cup organic soy or coconut milk

1/4 melted coconut oil

4 eggs

1 TB vanilla, or 12 drop Vanilla Stevia

Mix everything together well. Not too think, not too thick. Drop into muffin cups and cook for 30 minutes on 350 degrees. Perfect start to the morning!

Enjoy health.


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