Need to DeTox? Take a Bath

UnknownI am fulfilling a personal goal of collecting potent information on reclaiming optimum health at 50. Along the way, I have discovered many, many natural healing practitioners who tout the healing power of Epsom Salt Baths. Just like the Greeks.

One such healer is Mark Hyman, who has created a delicious concoction to lay your body down in:


Indulge in a nightly UltraBath of very hot water mixed with 2 cups epsom salts, 1/8 cup baking soda, several drops of lavender or eucalyptus. Soak for 20-25 minutes for complete benefits.

Baths have been used for centuries as a medicinal practice, to heal everything from influenza, to gout, muscle soreness, skins issues, and bad moods. I’ve been amazed at how much an Ultrabath before bed can change the way I feel in the morning.

Dr. Hyman reports this Ultrabath remedy relaxes the nervous system; lowers cortisol and inflammation, promotes weight loss, detoxification, and healing; enhances sleep; increases circulation and heart rate; and lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Try taking a bath every night for a week, for a painless, soothing way to get some relief.  Enjoy health.



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