Got IBS? Heal it with the SCD diet!

Unknown-1Do you have SIBO? If you suffer from IBS-d or IBS-c or any lingering digestive sensitivities, this post is for you.

What is SIBO? Small intestine bacterial overgrowth. Nasty little bugs that live in your gut and multiply and cause cramping, gas, bloating, mucous, constipation and the “runs”. Super bummer bacteria. Fortunately, there are 2 highly informed websites to get you started toward healing SIBO/IBS:

Dr. Alison Seibecker

Through these websites, I’ve learned about the SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) and how ridding the body of starches that feed the nasty bugs, can lead toward health. Here’s some information from the SCD lifestyle rockstars, Jordan & Steve:

How does SCD heal SIBO/IBS?

“The SCD diet’s guidelines are based on the fact that not everyone’s digestive tract has evolved to optimally digest complex carbohydrates and other man made food products like sugar. The main principle of the diet is that carbohydrates are classified by their chemical structure; they are monosaccharide, disaccharide, or polysaccharide. On the diet only monosaccharide carbohydrates are allowed to be eaten as all others require extra digestion steps to break the chemical bonds down to monosaccharide carbohydrates.


Any food that is not properly digested causes bacterial and yeast overgrowth when undigested carbohydrates are fed on by bacteria and yeast in the intestinal tract. This starts a chain reaction of excess toxins and acids which cause irritation of the small intestine cells damaging them and causing food absorption issues which only helps to continue the cycle.


The diet is an all natural way to break this cycle of bacteria and yeast overgrowth by eliminating the food sources they feed on. By working to restore gut flora to normal levels the intestinal tract is allowed to start repairing any damage by itself.

 As gut flora levels start to stabilize, the reduction of irritants from undigested foods, toxins and other man made ingredients allows inflammation levels to retreat.

By carefully adding foods back to the diet, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet is individually tailored to each person’s state of injury and digestion abilities.”


Now I have been gluten and dairy free for years. I’ve also been off grain since last fall, following a new commitment to the Paleo Diet. However, I was not seeing a shift in symptoms, as I thankfully discovered that I’m ingesting TONS of indigestible starches that were no doubt feeding the bad bacteria, causing an increase in symptoms. Yuck. And bummer.

Now that I’m on the SCD diet, I’ve reduced coconut flour, kept a small amount of almond flour, and eliminated all the starchy funk from my food diet and medicinals (check additives to vitamins= filled with guar gums and other “illegals”). No arrowroot, rice or tapioca flours as they are “food” for the bad bacterias. No more xylitol, erythritol, maple syrup, or coconut sugar 😦  But guess what? HONEY is legal legal legal. He he he. Apparently, its a monosaccharide sweetener, passing the intestinal barrier like a super hero~thank G-d for brilliant bees.

I’ve also started making my own almond milk (simple as hell I’m please to discover) and making my own creamer for coffee with it (avoiding carageenan and guar gums).

Check out Pinterest for tons of SCD recipes.


Those are my tricks so far. I hope this is helpful to some other lost soul, sick with GI problems and running out of hope.

Enjoy health.


One thought on “Got IBS? Heal it with the SCD diet!

  1. I have a stomach of iron but I cannot have many things and delicious recipes are frustrating sometimes. Many foods produce too much mucus: milk, cheeses, oils, sugar, corn syrup, etc. This is good information.

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