Experiments with Mixed Media

photo 1
A Giving Tree

After trying tiny mixed media projects, ala Christy Tomlinson, I took a leap and did a bigger canvas of this tree. Here is a picture tutorial of the process. First, I chose fairly neutral papers, sheet music, dictionary print, and some textured paper for the bottom and applied with mod lodge. Then I painted the sky with acrylic paint “Sea Green” and the earth with “Limesycle”:



Next, I tore cardstock papers for the trunk, cut branches, and lots of leaves~ with different colors. I also cut out tiny flowers. I applied everything with modge podge, and then began outlining leaves with a pale blue felt marker. This helps the leaves and trunk “blend” to the canvas.


Next, a big leap. I Forgot to take pictures! Doodling is so hard for me. It requires letting go and swirling a black in pen in random little flourishes. Even words. I’m afraid of leaving big blotches that detract. Its so hard! But when they’re good, wow, they add so much relaxed flare. The doodling on this piece is just so-so. I got better šŸ˜‰

photo 2

The final piece has is detailed with black pen, white ink, ink stamps, rub ons, touches of paint here and there, and some words to give it a mood, “cherish genealogy story,” which must have come to me after scanning in about 500 slides of my childhood family.

photo 4

I added the hearts and the butterfly later with a glue gun.

photo 5photo 1

Here’s another piece that weighs in at 2 pounds. What? Lol. This canvas has tried to be good many, many times over the years and styles I’ve put it through, and never made it. Today, its called “Laundry~enjoy your everyday life” and I finally like it.


It began with several kinds of papers and swabs of paint that I applied with fingers for more randomness and depth.


Cutting the dresses at the right angle, was the hardest part. Everything else was about doodling (also hard, but getting slightly easier), shading, rub ons, stamping with ink, and drawing the casual bird.


Its final effect is soft and lets the clothes feel soft too, blowing gently in the Spring breeze. Enjoy your everyday life…



4 thoughts on “Experiments with Mixed Media

  1. Hello thanks for visiting my blog and deciding to follow it. I love the giving tree. The composition is interesting and the colours and textures are very engaging.

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