Recrafting: Painting over mixed media mistakes


Here’s something to do with pieces that you don’t like: create a new piece, by painting over it.

Here’s a piece that was supposed to look like a tree, ended up looking like a fancy cake, and guess what? It doesn’t matter because I don’t like it.


I kept fiddling with it, adding a new color, more texturing, and still didn’t like it.


Thanks to Christy Tomlinson, over at Scarlet Lime, I learned a canvas recrafting technique! Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of the process. In a nutshell, I chose a paint color, drew flower and leaf designs, and then painted around those designs.

You can also use old canvases from Goodwill or yard sales, too. I’m calling it recrafting.


A little doodling with white and black pens, and voila! This funky canvas, that originally didn’t come together at all, has provided tons of bits of color that now works.



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