She Art & Patchwork Collage

photo 3Today I am posting some mixed media pieces, ala Christy Tomlinson, that just keep the fun coming. This first piece is made up of a patchwork of little mementos and doodads. Did you ever see the SAturday Night LIve episode where the newscaster is describing the phenomenon of bits & pieces of cripcrap lying on various surfaces throughout a house? A hunk of wax, a penny, a piece of metal, a domino, lost now from the herd. Nerts. That’s what the newscaster names this stuff. I pulled out some random nerts and a glue gun and some paper and paints.
photo 4
It began as a 12×12 canvas, and I modpodged (thats a verb now) newspaper, wrapping paper, and even a deli bag on in sort of square shapes.
From there, I randomly edged out a subtle patchwork effect, adding doodles and some ink stamps.IMG_0623 
At this point, I picked out my favorite herts like the green domino, the guitar pick (Julian made about a ton of these after returning from Japan with a guitar pick-maker), a lense from a pair of glasses, a broken flower bit, and a piece of 4
I built up little layers of this and that, glue gun at hand.
photo 2
Finally, I arranged all the various nert clusters, over neutral or vibrant colors, whichever suited them best. I outlined them with black pen, to help them pop a bit.
photo 1

The other sort of piece I was working on a couple months back is from Christy Tomlinson’s “She Art” tutorials. I cut these house-shape pieces of wood, and began modge-podging on papers, added orange paint to sculpturing paste + stencil, and created a “girl”.
I used this ink stamper that leaves a techie globe which I love. I also used a picture of a red cardinal. I scraped orange sculpting paste through a circular stencil.
IMG_0724Coloring her hair and face were all-new to me. Painting faces! Yikes! Christy T. leaves most of her She-Art images “faceless”–which takes the pressure off. I was totally happy with this first attempt, and became obsessed with painting! To be continued…


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