Art School Lesson#5~ Form Shapes Content: mixed media & mood

IMG_0752A 101 things to learn in art school
by, Kit White

“5. A drawing (or a painting, photograph, and so on) is first and foremost an expression of its medium.

The medium is the artwork’s first identity. It is secondarily about what it depicts. Form shapes content. A poorly executed image remains insignificant. A well- constructed image of something seemingly insignificant can be masterful. In all great work, the subject and the means which is it rendered are inseparable. Master your technique to protect your content.”

Of course I LOVE learning this, while I try to “master” my own style with mixed media. Here’s some pieces from March where I am moving away from the “She Art” and toward 2 different drawing, painting, and image styles.

photo 6
After layering papers and random paints, I got brave and painted this:
photo 1
I’m not sure how “form shapes content” in this piece? Feedback?
photo 2Her eyes are my least favorite part. Got to work on those. The green, plum, and gray color scheme are my favorite.

Next, I tried a very similar background with a stylized cartoon-style painting.
photo 5
I like how the little sheep image ended up loping across her shoulder. Great accident.
photo 3

photo 8
photo 9
photo 5
Have I mentioned “IColor Scheme”? Its a great little APP that creates color schemes to consider and try to mix at home! I love how the purple-gray and pink-red contrast so cheerfully in this piece.
photo 4

I’ve discovered Mindy Lacefield. And a whole new raw, fast, essence to capture in painting!


7 thoughts on “Art School Lesson#5~ Form Shapes Content: mixed media & mood

  1. That is really beautiful! I love the colors and style, and the texts behind the paint. Very nice indeed.

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