Mixed Media~Beast

This is an easy, fluid technique to build up lots of texture underneath a painting. This is one of the biggest pieces I’ve done: 20 x20.

IMG_2026 Begin with covering the board/canvas in several lighter and darker color patches. When that is dry, cover it all with random brushstrokes of GAC 100. When that is dry, cover the color patches with a light layer of white.


You can apply fabric or tissue paper, under paint to add texture. From here, when an area for a figure begins to “reveal” itself, enjoying shaping it out.




Mixed Media~Waiting


Still trying to get faces and moods the way I want. Going for more muted colors and quieter background.



Pink Punk

photo 3I’m crazy about color schemes and getting so much inspiration on combining certain colors: lime green and pink. Yum. Here’s the basic process, ala Mindy Lacefield, for crafting a raw background of little personal marks, and then finding the face and body of a character:




photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

A recent, very accomplished artist suggested that a “raw” background and a “raw” figure might might make a more integrated composition. I think I agree and will see what thats like. I wonder if you like the earlier unfinished face, aka “raw” quality on this background? I went ahead and finished it, but am wondering now.

Mixed Media: Circus Girl

IMG_1781Circus. Rings. Ladders. Dancers. Why don’t I let myself use bold reds–bold colors– more often? The strength of the focal points never seem to match up to it, so I go with softer colors?




I like how raw her eyes and features are, and I like how moody her long, wispy feet are.

Mixed Media: Painting Emotions

girl and farm animals
girl and farm animals

I collaged pages from The Farmer’s Hat with other papers and added this farm girl.

IMG_1156 I discovered the shape of her overalls in the random painting I had applied.

photo 1


In this piece, I used a Mindy Lacefield style of adding, dabbling, scraping, dotting, and randomly letting go with favorite mediums and colors. Then I found a space for a girl reaching for a bird and painted that in. I like her gentle face.





Mixed Media Experiments~2

photo 4I’m out of my comfort zone with these next two. Forcing myself to break away from the large faces and raw technique, I decided to work on 2 pieces where the backgrounds are prominent to the composition.

Here’s a photo series showing the build-up of mediums to create this snowy angel: torn paper, modeling paste on stencils, tissue paper, gesso, and acrylics:

photo 1

photo 3

photo 5

Flower Fields

photo 3This is fun to go reckless with and dot, dab, splotch as many layers of paint to cover most of the board except a horizon. I am using a long 12″x 26″chunk of pine board from the garage. Discovered I really like working on solid wood surface. Sick of spongey canvas for now.

photo 2 copy

photo 3photo 5After building up lots of color, grab the Gesso and begin painting around dabs of color to form flower shapes. Its kind of like painting negative space, I think. Again, out of my comfort zone, but really had fun with this.

photo 4

photo 1

photo 2