Mixed Media: Circus Girl

IMG_1781Circus. Rings. Ladders. Dancers. Why don’t I let myself use bold reds–bold colors– more often? The strength of the focal points never seem to match up to it, so I go with softer colors?




I like how raw her eyes and features are, and I like how moody her long, wispy feet are.


19 thoughts on “Mixed Media: Circus Girl

  1. I like that you show the progression of this piece. This is sweet; I like the style of your artworks. Do you teach art?

      1. 🙂 My youngest daughter and he beau are both MFAs and teach at universities. I’ve watched them create different things over the years and I just thought you were an artist that teaches. You artist amaze me; I love art even though I have almost no skill. 🙂

          1. I’ve done different kinds of things like scherenschnitte, quilling and other kinds of paper crafts but I had a stroke caused when the surgeon let blood leak into my brain in 2008. My entire right side was affected; my right hand has little control. I got a math book from my daughter to work on scherenschnitte/paper cutting and I haven’t had much time to work on it just yet.

            I volunteer all day for Parents Anonymous to help parents in support of their parenting needs. (Goal is the prevention of child abuse.) I also facilitate two online groups and do one-on-one support with parents in crisis. As full as my plate is it doesn’t leave much room for me to explore art as I would like to.

            Art and artists are fascinating to me. Watching my daughter all these years I could almost see the wheels turning. My daughter and her art friends and you and other artist are a different sort of human being. Before my stroke, I made things from wood – practical things like bookcases and desks and such. My husband says he was amazed at how I approached a problem or need, that I could do, build and fix things that he could not (He’s an engineer.).

            On my blog, I recently “cheated” to get extra time by rehashing an older article and reposting it. I think I will do that again to get free time to get started on this book, cutting up the pages to see what happens.

            Thank you, I will try again. 😉

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