Eating an Alkaline Diet

Hey there, I’ve been delving into two new ideas about food that I thought I would share. On my path to optimum health at 50, I’ve discovered these 2 key ideas:

1) eating from an alkaline diet, can begin to shift the body’s pH and pump up the regenerating power of your cells

2) proper food-combining, it pretty key to avoiding acid stomach issues, bowel issues, and post-meal sleepiness


The standard American diet (SAD) is full of acidic foods like meat, dairy, grain, and sugar products that increase the acidity of your blood.

Recent research suggests that eating constant acid-promoting foods, forces your body to work hard to maintain a healthy alkaline balance. Which increases the work its doing JUST TO DIGEST your food. When, what we really want is for our bodies to be focusing on regenerating cells–the healers of the whole system. Right? You can help negate acid’s negative effects on the body by balancing your diet with foods that promote an alkaline body environment.

Just eat these. Yay.


Food combining is a whole other effort to avoid eating things that your stomach can’t digest at the same time, causing acid reflux, IBS, slow digestion, etc. The main ones? Eat fruit on an empty stomach, solo, in the morning. Lots of it. And, don’t eat meat and starch together:

meat and potatoes
spaghetti and meatballs
fish n chips
meat and rice

Give it a try!


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