REcycle: Entryway Post

Once upon a time, I lived in a house built in 1915 and the walls were fir wood that had grown 2 hundred years earlier. When we remodeled, I saved some of those old relics of bygone forests in Bellingham. On a whim, my husband and I decided to make a retro entryway greeting post for the holidays.

Here’s the final picture, and then the steps toward making one your own! Easy peasy.


Get some wood to recycle. Our measurements were:
1 front face piece 10″ x 42″
2 side pieces 7.5″x 42
1 back piece 8″

photo 2

photo 3

Put a layer of glue between boards and nail the face piece to the 2 side pieces. Then put the back piece inside the “pocket” of the side pieces to create a box.

photo 4

We created a base made of 2 pieces for the box to stand on. Stack them on top of each other and nail together–centering the smaller one in the middle. Turn box upside-down and nail base to the box.
14″x 11″
11″x 10″

Cut a piece for the top, or even two, for that layered effect.

14″ x 11″

photo 5

Then I made the sign. I had fun putting together some goofy stencils called “American People” and using my chevron stencil. I stained the wood first, a nice dark brown. I like the way the white paint and bits of orange stand out on the stained brown wood.


The modern metal sheeting contrasts like crazy with the rustic wood–and the sign is silly fun. I’m a farm girl stuck in a modern house. I figured it represents me well at the door. Yes? Happy TG!