DIY: Egg Carton Roses

photo 3

No one can imagine that these one-of-a-kind paper roses are made from egg cartons. But they are. And so easy, let me show you how:

photo 6

Start with 2 pieces of carton. Tear down the corners.

photo 7

photo 5

Place one into the other~and rotate around until you get a balanced quality between the “petals”. Here’s 3 examples.

photo 1

Grab an edge from the carton. The warbly side is cool. The other flap works great too. Roll it up nice and tight and then place it inside the cup. It will unfurl. I rolled mine several times and began folding down little edges here and there for that authentic look. Then I re-rolled one last time, and used my glue gun to attach it.

photo 2

photo 3

My plan is to make a wreath with this lovelies, and then spray paint them ivory. MMMM. I’ll post it soon. Are these gorgeous? Enjoy the simplicity of making them.

photo 4


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