DIY: Junk Bows & Stockings

photo 1

Hey ho, I’ve discovered the frivolity of Junk Bows. What is a Junk (Junque) Bow? I’ve come across a new, comedic crafter Mary Romney-Aslett, and she lives for her Junque Bows. I love her flat humor. I love her shameless non-world changing crafting. Here are a few of my junque bows on holiday-ish things:


photo 10

A junque bow is layers of ribbons, mesh, tulle, lace, book paper, beads, pipe cleaners, wire, garden hoses (ok not those), and any other crafty material you please–bound together, to create a flare of color and shape. You can add them to anything.

photo 11

photo 12

This season, I took our tired stockings from yesteryear and added junque bows. They have a whole new personality, sorta wild and sorta garish. See for yourself!

photo 8

photo 9

photo 3

photo 5

Try one! Seriously, a junque bow can’t fail if you start with your wider pieces in the back and use a range of colors that sort of mesh. I love using book paper and pipe cleaners along with lace.

photo 2

photo 4

Enjoy crafting! Its not changing the world, but it exercises the creative channels that may help out. šŸ˜‰


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