Mixed Media: flower collage


I posted this piece to my FB a few months ago, but never to my blog, and wanted to share my mixed media process with it. I pulled myself away from faces and focused all the layering and coloring and texturing I’ve learned –into this flower piece. It begins with the usual modge podge and tissue papers.


I used acrylics and also lots of Caran D’Ache (“karn-dash” my French friend says) Neocolor crayons, which I love. They go on sort of creamy, and when wetted with finger or brush will smooth into gorgeous shades.


I wanted to give every flower a unique face, but still have the whole piece hang together.


It took hours and hours. Ugh. Its hard for me to spend that much time. 2/3’s of a day or so. Why is that so hard for me? Is it a muscle I need to grow? I’m not sure, but I like having 3 or 4 things going at once, to stay loose and inspired. Able to flit about acting like I don’t care. lol.


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