Mixed Media: Angel (remix 2)


I played the piano for years growing up. There was this piece called “La Estrelita” and a drawing of a latino man crooning to his angelic woman up in the window. This little angel reminds me of her.

I took apart a piece that I never liked, and began applying layers of paper and deep, blue acrylic to the background.



The first version of the little estrelita:




Her wings were odd, so I papered over and began again:



The final Estrelita Remix 🙂



9 thoughts on “Mixed Media: Angel (remix 2)

  1. She’s so lovely! The dark blue behind her head…it makes her crown, earrings and necklace stand out…and her face! Adding the puffs of white where her legs were, like little clouds, as if she’s floating. I gave an audible “awwww how cute” when I saw the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on her wings…I love this piece! You are so creative Laurel!

      1. Oh yes, I spotted Donald first! I learned a lesson with artists, thanks to my aunt…she had done a wonderful piece called “The Gossips.” For 20 yrs it hung in her living room, her own children never saw what was so cleverly painted into the back of a book that one character was holding – which I can’t repeat here 😉 I can say though, my aunt had a hysterical sense of humor. From then on, when I looked at art work that I really like, I would take my time looking from every angle and at every line – and Bingo, there was Mickey too! They certainly lend a special kind of enchantment to this Angel. ❤

  2. I love this! To me she looks like a Roaring 20s flapper! There is so much to see with the Disney characters hiding there. 😉

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