Mixed Media: Owl


Naomi and I were walking through Whatcom Falls Park, here in Bellingham, and looked up to see first one owl, and then another. And then another. Three sets of large, quiet, watchful eyes, peering down on us. Such mysterious beings~we got all quiet and kept moving–really sweet to see them all posed up in the trees.

I’m recycling older canvases to create some newer works these days.

<img src=”https://





I used a glaze mixed with green oxide to give the background some real pop.



7 thoughts on “Mixed Media: Owl

  1. Such a delightful work of art Laurel! I love all the intense colors and wonderful textures. The owl’s face is fabulous! (We are neighbors sort of….I live in northern Idaho!) Have a wonderful weekend, despite all the rain. xoxo

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