Mixed Media: Swimmer


I love perusing old black and white photos, and collect them when I can. I found a huge bag of them at a yard sale over 10 years ago. Looking at their faces, I’m often moved when I realize how they have already lived out their lives. For them, its all come and gone. Their whole lifetime is over~all their children grown, all their work done, all their art and writing over, all their funerals. I’m amazed at how we just carry on, how we just keeping living, hoping, trying, making babies, dying. My life feels so short suddenly. I want to live and give everyday a unique flavor and fill it with all the things I love. Such as…





I also love old b&w photos! The Swimmer was inspired when I found a series of swimmers in their thick, awkward bathing suits, chubby thighs, funny bathing caps, and heavy black eye make up.

It begins with one of my favorite processes: the background



The whole piece really took a jump forward when I made some red & white striped gelli papers for her bathing suit.


Her face was especially satisfying to work on. I used GAC, an extender, mixed with several shades of warm rusts and browns to create a translucent effect with her skin, lips, and cheeks.



I thought I was done with this piece, without eyes, just the impression of her face. A week went by and I had to see what would shift~for better or worse~adding a closed lid. What do you think? I’ve been tempted to erase them again.



9 thoughts on “Mixed Media: Swimmer

  1. Love this piece. So striking. Great subject. It immediately evokes the feeling of the 1920’s/30’s swimsuit era. The colours are wonderful. Well done!

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