Painting: kimonos and french curtains

I’m practically a hermit…all I want to do is paint! Here’s a recent piece. Kathe Fraga is a Northwest artist who’s sweet, warm paintings I love. They remind me of Asian kimonos, french soaps, and vintage wallpapers. As I am trying many styles this year, I painted this piece, ala Kathe Fraga. Starting with 3 panels, juicy pinks & reds, and some nice gray to tone it down:


I can’t tell from her online paintings if she used stencils or hand paints, Asian style her detailed blossoms. Her paintings feel like blankets and pillows that I want to grab a cup of lemon grass tea and curl up in.

I was listening to this extremely cool French singer ZAZ in the streets of Paris, while I painted.






2 thoughts on “Painting: kimonos and french curtains

  1. Thanks for sharing Kathe’s work – it is lovely. I can see her influence in this piece but your style is also evident. P.S. Being a huge francophile myself I have been a fan of Zaz for a while – she’s great.

    1. Kim, Zaz is new to me, LOVE her streetwise, raspy ways! Thanku so much for your kind words about my style coming through….I jump around a lot…šŸŒø

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