Garland of Roses

  From my workshop #Entwined, #misty mawn. Portraits. Portraits. Portraits. How endlessly fun and challenging it is to draw and paint their moods. I love building up layers of skin tones, rubbing lines out with gauche, re-highlighting parts, etc. Its like a strange puzzle that I am drawn to doing over and over.





20 thoughts on “Garland of Roses

    1. Dear pilcherje, maybe this is why I’m so drawn to portraits~little glimpses of our own human experience….thanks for commenting☺️

  1. Your work is exquisite and I love that you document the process! It is really cool to see the piece grow and transform!

    1. Awesome compliments Stephanie, thanks so much. I’m a nut for before/after photos and thought it would be fun to do that very thing for my artwork🔺Thanks again! –laurel

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