Portraits and Pain


Can art and painting help us process our feelings? Feelings that rock us so hard we think we’ll never be the same person again.

    Or is artwork a distraction, a place to focus attention away from hurt and sadness? Does the creative process mull our awareness and feelings into the artwork without us knowing?

This is a piece that I suddenly realized I was painting for one of my dearest, oldest friends. She lived through cancer last year.🔺



10 thoughts on “Portraits and Pain

  1. This piece is amazing. Love seeing the transition and the end result is spectacular. Really like how you’ve integrated the Egon Schiele-like hands into your own style. Bravo.

  2. My artist daughter almost went into art therapy. She decided against it because she does not handle sadness well. I love seeing your process.

  3. Love seeing each step in the process. Every step is a masterpiece alone. I’m glad you can capture the process from start to finish. I bet it’s hard to know when to step away. I have that problem.

    1. Thank you for your fabulous support Toni. It’s so funny, I often step away too soon, I think, because I’m afraid of messing it up. Later, (sometimes days or weeks) when I’m detached from it, I’ll make some fast and furious choices and am often happier with those spontaneous results. It’s become a pattern and a style for me. Funny!🔺

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