Dizzy With Depth Perception

  I’m in Zion Canyon this week. Hiking up into the most majestic places I’ve ever been. My breath taken away. Dizzy with depth perception! Some very high areas have narrow pathways along sheer walls –chains bolted in –with which you grasp onto for your life. 

Here’s how it feels in charcoal and paper and paint–to push thru raw fear–and love it.



15 thoughts on “Dizzy With Depth Perception

  1. I don’t even like thinking about narrow pathways where you are! Beeeeee careful!

    I love the woman’s face; she looks hopeless. Or maybe depressed. The colors show that as well.

  2. These new hands-and-heads works are great. They are more melancholy than others. I love this one, and your description of grasping onto those chains. Dizzy With Depth Perception might make a great title! Googled Zion Canyon… wow!

    1. I’ve been wondering if you were going to come back to WordPress and see these recent hand studies! I’m totally delighted to get your praise, Lars. I am headed to change the title now, as your way with words is thoroughly entertaining for me. And I was an English major so you’ll just have to live with that high praise. Snort.

    1. Thanku Andrew! It’s been so special and exercised every inch of us, and I’m looking forward to relaxing and painting after being out in the grandeur of the world! 🌍

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