She Went Thru Many Changes

I’m loving quinichridone azo gold. I wish I could dye my own hair with it! I’m also using it in skin tones mixed with lots of GAC for a transluscent effect I adore. Here is a piece that took several goes before I could integrate her Egon Shiele-inspired hand to integrate with her mood. And her hair. ^.^                 


14 thoughts on “She Went Thru Many Changes

  1. So I was trying to thank you for “Liking” my article…which due to my tech. challenges, I can only do by coming here. I posted that article by mistake, before I edited it. So now it’s somewhat new and probably not much improved. But Let me say this…Your work is beautiful and meaningful and I am so glad I had to take the long way to thank you for liking my post…last night was hard and to have anyone read what I write feels kind of amazing. I will continue to explore your blog and art. I see we are both therapists…it’s a nice likeness to have in my opinion. So…what I am trying to say, is…thanks and remarkable work. If you follow me…you will see brevity is an issue (apparently even in comments!!!) but I am working on that. Have a beautiful weekend…so far…no strep!

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