Mother & Son

    I’m pouring myself into this online workshop “Art Entwined” with the exquisite Misty Mawn. This piece is a work in progress. I like it’s rough sawn, unpainted quality. It’s an Egon Shiele study, sans heavy lines. I get an eery delight from painting the bony hand joints with fleshy pinks.

The child’s face makes me ache and look away. I yearn to have a young son to hold close again.❤️ My teen son is out gallivanting around, climbing rocks, enjoying his excellent young life. As it should be.🌿

Sigur ros, john cage, arvo part, and Philip glass are my musical inspirations these days.





13 thoughts on “Mother & Son

    1. Thank you for your sweet compliment Jill. For me, painting has been a process of allowing the tenderest of feelings to come through. I have to develop enough skill to convey it, but not get distracted by the painting technique. Misty Mawn is the only online teacher I’ve found that shares that value. She’s committed her whole life to artistic expression. I’ve only begun. 🌿

  1. Hi Laurel, it’s s lovely to find you. Thanks for visiting my nest! I’m loving this painting, both the earlier version and the more completed one. Love your insights on anti-depressants and love. I am inspired to write something about this. We’ll see what happens … 🙂

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