Painting & Parenting 

I’ve been painting and pondering parenting. On Father’s Day. Here’s a gorgeous thought from William Martin in The Parent’s Tao Te Ching~ dedicated to Howard, who’s way better at this, than me:

Reward & Punishment
Be careful of rules for your children. Rules diminish responsibility. Be careful of rewards for your children. Rewards diminish self esteem. Be careful of punishments for your children. Punishments diminish trust.

Let lessons be imposed by the nature of things, not by your own agendas or your own needs…

Don’t tell me this is overly simple. Perhaps the most courageous act of any parent’s life will be that moment when, even though it breaks your heart, you stand aside and let your children take the natural consequences of their actions.”


Here’s the final version of this painting, recycling a canvas, with the hand and eyes finally capturing her mood. 🌿



23 thoughts on “Painting & Parenting 

  1. Beautiful! It is hard for parents to tell the difference between bribes and rewards; once they figure that out, they’ve got half the battle won.

    1. That’s fantastic! I must admit, having all those quirky layers underneath is a shortcut to a unique feel I’m not as successful intentionally trying to create! Ha! Be careful to leave some of the color from below–that unexpected quality is what’s so fun😉👍

  2. I like your art very much. Somehow you’ve managed to make a hand supportive whilst also being ever so slightly oppressive. Enigmatic. I’m glad you found me so I could find and follow you.

    1. Oh! I love your compliment! Supportive, oppressive, enigmatic hands…..I do adore their range of expression! Thank you so much for commenting and following. I look forward to enjoying more of your work too+

  3. This was a perfect post for me to read and to see. Thank you for sharing a healing truth that is hard to accept and to practice. It is critical for the long term (adult) happiness of a child to not always have someone attempting to fix, intervene or repair small and large disappointments or failures. I love your use of color in this painting and the bold, blunt brush strokes. Inspiring.

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