You’re the Average of the 5ive People You Hang Around Most


Before I talk about painting this bluebird girl, here are some other intriguing tidbits from the illuminating James Altucher:

Your Awareness is the average of

*the 5 things that inspire you the most

*the 5 things you eat

*the 5 things you think about most often

*the 5 things you read

….My thoughts need an upgrade. My food, friends, sources of inspiration, reading materials are all great. I’m lucky. And focused. But when it comes to thoughts….ugh my brain goes over the most boring things again and again. “That needs cleaning” “I need to finish that” “I’m late” “Where is Julian, now?” “More dishes” “I have to get something done” “How much time do I have left?” “I’m going to write that down” “Has he done his chores” ~an endless chattering of stupidness

What would I rather be thinking? In order to upgrade my average OVERALL thinking platitude? “That would be awesome to paint” “I’m going to go paint right now” “I love him” “I’m so lucky” “I feel great” “Everyone is so special” “I am a being of light”

I’m trying to bring in more mindfulness these days. A walking meditation of sorts. Here’s a great definition:

“Mindfulness is being present to whatever is happening. Without judgement”

Here’s some recent painting–while staying in Mindfulness. Or at least thinking I am.


Letting black paint and water run down through the piece.



This looks finished, but went through several more changes as all my paintings seem to.






29 thoughts on “You’re the Average of the 5ive People You Hang Around Most

        1. Ohhhh I see. Yep. Idea: if you love food that’s easy and tasty, but wanna try to eat healthier at home: buy tortillas, chz, re fried beans, salsa, a bag of dark green lettuc, eggsand pound organic beef. Cook all beef and put in container in refridge. Throw a tortilla and a scoop of all ingredients (except eggs) onto it, low heat 10 minutes. Roll. Devour. For breakfast: scramble eggs set aside. In same pan throw down tortilla and scoop of all ingredients and devour. Rotate. Once in a while blend banana and a bag of mixed freezer fruit and scoop of protein powder and gulp. Now we’re talking. Nutrition, carbs and proteins. Game changer… on the body and mind! 👍 Throw in a 25 minutes brisk walk 5x week, and watch the mood enhance too!😉✔️

          1. Wow! Thank you. I appreciate that. Sorry I’m just now responding. I don’t get on WordPress as much as I used to. Thank you, though. That’s wonderful! I will do that.

  1. Dear Laurel

    Your thoughts/posts really ring a bell with me. They’re almost like a mirror of my own thoughts, me also being a mother of one young teenager and an artist (I like to think so anyway…)! I definately need an upgrade with my thoughts, amongst other things and will take that with me today. Thank you!
    I love your art, it’s very inspiring and fascinating to see the changes each painting goes through until it’s finished. The faces have so much character and the hands are brilliant. I’m looking forward to the next post.

    1. Amanda, thanks so much for your fabulous input! We’re all in this long haul together 🌞. And I’m so glad to get thoughtful feedback on the faces and hands…it’s been so cool to focus on them🔺

  2. gorgeous. Love Bluebird Girl. Enjoy your thoughts on mindfulness. I have my own term (which I don’t always put into practice). Kindfulness.
    This means noticing the places your thoughts go to. Noticing if you call them stupid. And trying to bring lovingkindness to the you who is thinking those thoughts.
    Apparently, Mindful Self-Compassion is all the rage. x

  3. Mindfulness is hard to keep up. I do my best thinking when I am working on something that requires no thought. Nonjudgmental thought and word requires concentration for parents while shaping these soon to be adults. The very moment parents begin to judge children is the instant they begin to clip their wings.

    Laurel, I love your artworks. A few minutes ago before my husband left for work, I had him take time to look over a few pieces. He agrees, they are beautiful and original.


    1. I’m so touched by your compliments! And your awareness on parenting and watching judgementalness is key. It’s hard to set good limits and also convey that you believe in your kids’ own power to figure things out…but a great razor’s edge stance to shoot for!

  4. Very nicely put!
    That’s funny I am often reminding myself to try and stay mindful about what’s real and good and positive. To stay in the present. It’s a constant effort but payoffs are worth it.

  5. Another wonderful juxtaposition of your personal process and your painting process, both of which, of course, are inextricably bound but rarely presented together like this. 🙂

  6. Very thought provoking! Instead of my round of stupid thoughts endlessly cycling around I will be thinking of your words today, thank you!

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