Forget trying to be Original

photo 3 copy Summer has been so altering, all day to day rhythms asunder, a disconnect from painting, and writing on this blog, and even seeing friends. I’ve been sick for several days with some sort of food poisoning, my dreams have been wild with crazy things I’m responsible for, and the then our neighbor died. Its all got me processing and mulling mentally and emotionally….we had a stay-cation and enjoyed walking in the warm woods, heading to the tea shop, swimming in the lake, eating at cool local restaurants, indulging in window shopping, staring into space, and reading.

Throughout the past few weeks, my mind has been going over Bird By Bird antics (Anne Lamott’s book on writing and life lessons) and also this quote: “Art has no boundaries except those imposed by the needs of the maker.” Its guideline #42 in small book called 101 Things to Learn in Art School, by Kit White. Its suggesting that art work, art expression, the artist, is free. You’re free to make art, however you want to express it. I’d like to figure out how to do that.

But, making something original is hard, maybe impossible, right? We’re all raised looking at everyone’s work. Isn’t everyone responding to fashion? We’re all influenced and our tastes and interests totally shaped by what’s popular, available. This is absolutely going on in the art world. “I’m really into those colors,” is because someone else made them poplar and now you’ve inherited liking them. Same with clothes. Same with cars. Bikes. The one-speed is back, don’t tell me that isn’t born totally of fashion. Otherwise, riding one is ludicrous, hard work that no one would choose over 24 speeds.

Anyway, its hard to take what I’m technically trying to get good at, and overlay it with something original from my own mind. It’s hard to keep painting without knowing its meaningful, expressive of me, rather than just copying what all the painters I like are painting. Still, I’d rather be figuring that bit out, than doing just about anything else these days.

What’s true and meaningful for me today: I am endlessly interested in finding the features and emotion in painting faces.  The technical ability to create dimension and life in a face is truly mesmerizing.

I’m also culminating these two drivers:

1. being a behavioral therapist;

2. my “own” style of painting;

Let’s hope an provocative intersection begins to form…

Heres some odd little paintings done on the fly: photo 1 copy photo 3 photo 2 copy 2 photo 2 copy photo 3 copy