Bruce Lee and the Creative Life

Bruce Lee was highly ranked in our childhood home. Between Kung Fu and Bruce Lee tv episodes, my brother Eric became a 12 year old, karate-chopping wonder, who dazzled us with his whipping chock-o sticks. This quote takes Bruce Lee a mile higher in my mind:

“Research your own experiences for the truth…Absorb what is useful…Add what is specifically your own…The creating individual is more than any style or system.”

Every decade produces its molds, but its reassuring that every decade produces the mold-breakers. The original thinkers. My brother Eric is one of those. “The creating individual is more than any style or system” points to our endless capacity for using the creative forces of the universe inside and outside our brains….to form and live a personal truth.

It seems I am always searching for the path toward a deeper authentic life. Sometimes I touch in on it, and feel electrified. Everything opens up. Other times, the old roles, the stale traffic patterns, the recycling dumb thoughts slowly closes me up into the trance of day to day. Yawn.

“We will discover the nature of our particular genius when we stop trying to conform to our own and other people’s models, learn to be ourselves and allow our natural channel to open.” ~Shakti Gawain.

I’ve been listening to Sigur Ross for a touch of brilliant, near-angelic tones to paint by.

Here’s a piece that went one way, and then the other:








16 thoughts on “Bruce Lee and the Creative Life

  1. Bruce Lee was a true, unique talent taken far too soon. He spread karate far and wide; many I knew went about chopping any and everything. 🙂

    Could it be that you and your brother Eric’s DNA shares the originality markers? I love your works. I believe the art market will love you, too.

  2. Your unique style gives way to amazing level of creative form – can’t tell you how much I enjoy seeing your pieces (especially the WIP’s). I knew this was one of yours before I even opened the thread.

    1. Mary, I’m super grateful for your comments! I wish I could look at them with you in person, and you could tell me what you’re seeing. Sometimes it flows through, sometimes I feel like I’ve forgotten how to paint. Process. It’s all about the process😊

      1. And, I wish I could be as creative as you – what I see developing is extraordinary and distinctively yours. Love your work and if I ever had a chance to see your work in person I wouldn’t hesitate for a second. Keep on – keeping on, your work is an inspiration for me.

  3. it is fascinating to watch your works transform, evolve and emerge before our eyes! I always love your sensitivity with your colour palette choices. The other thing in this post I really liked was “we discover our particular genius when we stop trying to conform..” Brilliant! Wonderful Post 🙂 cheers, Debi

    1. Cheri, thanks so much for your thoughtful feedback…my pieces seem to go through a lot of transformation before they’re something I like. I’m grateful for your eye on them and feel lucky for your input!🔺

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