St Lucia, bearer of Light

Holidays can be lonely times for us fragile humans. In pondering some of those hardships, I painted Saint Lucia, bearer of light. And I encourage you to read some great thinking by Alain de Boton:

We’re often intensely lonely in our suffering. In an upbeat world which worships success, our miseries feel shameful. We’re not only sad, we’re sad at being the only ones that seem to be so. We need help in finding a sense of perspective and honour in some of our worst experiences.
We can’t remove suffering from life, but we can learn to suffer more successfully, that is, with less of a sense of persecution or an impression that we have unfairly been singled out for punishment. ‘Fernando Pessoa’ is a beautifully dark monumental work by Richard Serra, named after a Portuguese poet with a turn for lamentation (as he wrote: ‘Oh salty sea / how much of your salt is tears from Portugal.’)”



20 thoughts on “St Lucia, bearer of Light

  1. love the vintage look of thus work; the simple innoscence of St Lucia’s face. you have captured her essence. Thanks for manifesting this light and tganks for stopping by #formidableWoman today.

  2. Wonderful to see your Lucia! I come from Sweden, where we celebrate Lucia on 13 December. It’s one of the major feasts of the year, but one that is not commercialised. It remains a truly solemn celebration, all about light (mid December up North is a really dark season!) and with lots of songs as part of it, many of them traditional. I’m so glad to have seen your Lucia, she looks like an excellent messenger of light!

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