The Sound of Yourself~ Graduation

Well the time has come. My son has finished high school. He has a diploma. He graduated. We held a graduation party and invited friends from all sorts of previous school backgrounds. Its a rite of passage for our son and us, and for everyone. For me, it marks another shift in our relationship to him, and his growing independence toward being his own person. I feel a mixture of melancholy, relief, and pride.

In the end, there’s a big difference between school and learning, and we were creative and daring about both. Thank you to the Montessori and Waldorf communities, homeschool organization, and Running start/Whatcom community college programs.

Thank you to the teachers–inside and outside of school–who built a relationship with him, reaching him and teaching him the most.


Here is a quote that deeply resonates with me and has been a guiding principle these past few years, as we strove and struggled to make sense of what a true education would be for him:



7 thoughts on “The Sound of Yourself~ Graduation

  1. My niece recently graduated from HS, she went to an alternative HS which proved to be a wise decision. She did well in a setting that was smaller in size with a graduating class of 31 compared to over 600 in the regular HS. Congrats to your son and you, sometimes it is hard to know what environment kids will fit them best. I get the feeling that school may have been a struggle for him? Remember you did your best and that is all that counts. 😍💕👍

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