Forming a friendship gang

Belonging is so key to our well being.

The longest living human beings are women on Okinawa–a tropical island off of Japan. They eat a lot of local seafood and sea vegetable (nori, Kambu, etc). They laugh a lot. But all of them claimed their belonging to a group of friends was the most important aspect of their lives.

It’s ironic that as young teens we orient to friends at any cost. Breaking curfews, begging for more time with friends, skipping responsibilities in order to just hang out with friends….

And our culture forces us to focus on personal interests and careers and self survival for the next 60 years….

And finally…if we’re damn lucky…we can once again return to our friend groups….prioritizing hanging out together…fulfilling an obviously central experience to human well being.

Sigh. Pack animals. Monkeys. She who laughs last, laughs loudest say the Okinawains. 👭👭👭

My wish for all young women and mothers and ageing women – is friendship packs.

If you’re an introvert or struggle with group anxiety, join a women’s group on any topic. Group connections are facilitated and you can relax and enjoy the process.

Belonging is key to our well being. 🌿


5 thoughts on “Forming a friendship gang

  1. You’re so right. I am lucky enough to have a group of friends who meet once a week. To have a place to laugh and talk about everything from kids to problems to joy is very therapeutic. Thanks for writing this

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