Tea Shop Paintings

Saku Tea Bar~ Bellingham.  I Currently have an art show hanging here!

This “Tea Shop” collection was painted after a dear friend requested a piece for her tea shop named “Amsu”–in Osaka, Japan. I ended up with more than 9 pieces. I am drawn again and again toward painting expressive faces and hands–adding tea cups and kettles was surprisingly fun for me.

Here are a few pieces from this “Tea Shop” collection:





Artist Statement

My Process

I tend to make rapid choices about what to paint. I often won’t take the time to prep the wood I paint on. For me, all of my interest and energies go into building up the layers–working fast and often sloppy–in the beginning. I do this because the mistakes and surprises are the most compelling part of painting for me. I always work on 4 or 5 pieces at a time, glancing, waiting for the insight I’ll suddenly have about how to finish a piece. I love that moment–and the next hour–more than anything. Watching a face or hand come through into something with true expression is everything. If I’ve accomplished that, I’m happy with the piece.

I’m influenced by Egon Schiele, Oswaldo Gyuasamin, and Jylian Gustlin and love online workshops with Misty Mawn and Jeanne Oliver. Being a Behavioral health therapist and a mom are both creative processes, but its been a tremendous please to discover painting in mid-life.

Laurel Holmes,  Bellingham, WA





Saku Tea Bar, now called 11th Hour Tea~













14 thoughts on “Tea Shop Paintings

  1. Laurel! The emotions that you evoke in me! Sometimes it brings tears…good ones I assure you. I didn’t explore art until my late 50’s – I now know what I’ve been missing. And seeing your work is an incredible reminder of what one can produce from within. You are an inspiration for me and I thank you from my heart. ❤

      1. I’m so glad too Laurel, especially what you bring to the universe! Congratulations on your work, so beautifully complete and now showing!!

  2. Hello Laurel, I live and travel in an airstream trailer and stopped into Saku on my way through town. So glad I did! I would have bought something if I had the way space. Your work really spoke to me. Evocative, expressive and inspiring. I love painting hands and faces too!

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