ReMixed Media: Martian Girl


This is a funny kind of other-worldly looking thing. It got left in the bin of unfinished pieces for a year.  I was learning from Mindy Lacefield about applying color and marks to create background elements.

A year went by. I pulled this out and added some hair and a body. I can’t believe how sweet she turned out! I really enjoy the freedom of mark-making in the background.



Every weekend comes, and I’m so eager to get back into my art room and go deep, fast and find that perfect spot where every piece comes together. Its so hard when pieces don’t work out. I’ll feel mopey and go eat a lot of treats and make more early gray tea…that’s usually when something comes through.

Here’s a little quote I’ve been loving lately.
“She said she usually cried at least once each day not because she was sad, but because the world was so beautiful & life was so short.” ~ brian andreas



Mixed Media: primitive ride


I’m adoring Minday Lacefield’s “Primitive Portraits” class~ The composition of this piece is lop-sided, a little. I’ve always loved watching people’s connection and affection and emotions when it comes to connecting with animals.



Odd animal that appeared out of the papers and paint. Large nostrils. And good for riding.



I like the soft, fantasy effect, despite the clunky shapes of everything.

Mixed Media~Beast

This is an easy, fluid technique to build up lots of texture underneath a painting. This is one of the biggest pieces I’ve done: 20 x20.

IMG_2026 Begin with covering the board/canvas in several lighter and darker color patches. When that is dry, cover it all with random brushstrokes of GAC 100. When that is dry, cover the color patches with a light layer of white.


You can apply fabric or tissue paper, under paint to add texture. From here, when an area for a figure begins to “reveal” itself, enjoying shaping it out.



Pink Punk

photo 3I’m crazy about color schemes and getting so much inspiration on combining certain colors: lime green and pink. Yum. Here’s the basic process, ala Mindy Lacefield, for crafting a raw background of little personal marks, and then finding the face and body of a character:




photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

A recent, very accomplished artist suggested that a “raw” background and a “raw” figure might might make a more integrated composition. I think I agree and will see what thats like. I wonder if you like the earlier unfinished face, aka “raw” quality on this background? I went ahead and finished it, but am wondering now.

Recycling Paintings

IMG_1638 Here’s a mixed media painting thats been recycled, after deciding the first version wasn’t my style. Ala Mindy Lacefield, and her supportive videos, this originally looked like these:
She has magazine boots and a magazine eye. Not my thing. I had such a fun time oblonging her head and going bold with paint. Her face and hair are an eerie shift for me.
The sides were covered with bits of Gelli prints I had fun making. Then I did some blending and added the big black loops. On this last one, I went with the new eerie face idea, but haven’t figured out how to finish it. Having fun with the raw style!

Painting Raw

This week, I’ve been trying to paint without trying so much. Man its hard not to go back and fuss and get tight and want to fix everything. The trick with this style of painting, ala Mindy Lacefiled, Artur Akopjan, Erin Ashley, Marti Somers, Christina Romeo and scads of other “raw” artists, is to go for an emotion~let go of beauty. At least thats how I’m going after it these days:photo 1 photo 3 photo 5

This next one is inspired by Artur Akopjan. I layered paper and then paint and then drew into the paint with Caran D’Ache Neocolor crayons, yum.



From here, I used blue for the eyes, which gave the figure a haunting quality I really like:

photo 2

photo 4

photo 1

Mixed Media Balloons

photo 7I had a good time playing with layers of paint and paper, before adding a girl on the top. It was tricky getting her to seem like she was part of the piece. Good 1photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5photo 6photo 7

#4: Art is the product of process

IMG_1505From: 101 Things to learn in art school lesson #4: “Whether conceptual, experimental, emotional, or formal, the process you develop yields the image you produce. The materials you choose, the methods of production, and the sources of the images should all reflect the interests that command your attention. The process does not stop with each work completed. It is ongoing. The cumulative results of that process is a body of work.” ~Kit White

Love that. It seems to suggest that art is not about perfection, but your own unique thingy. I’m liking that a lot. Thanks to Mindy Lacefield and Christie Tomlinson, here is the process I’ve been working these days: relaxing, inking, crayoning, painting in blotches and drops, and general doodling to create a background:
IMG_1246Most of this is done with my left hand, as it helps me to let go:


Then I try to find a body, or face shape, or an eye or arm to “build” from. I think I saw a little running body and then decided where to put the face:



I actually didn’t like the final effect of the face. I got all caught up and fussed with it too much. So I started over, and going as fast as I could (to keep from freezing up) came up with a little climber boy (a little like my son):
IMG_1509IMG_1507IMG_1505Painting with abandon has helped create a raw quality in the final effect. The methods and the images are starting to flow a little easier, and I feel a little thrilled while I’m in the process. 🙂

Art School Lesson#5~ Form Shapes Content: mixed media & mood

IMG_0752A 101 things to learn in art school
by, Kit White

“5. A drawing (or a painting, photograph, and so on) is first and foremost an expression of its medium.

The medium is the artwork’s first identity. It is secondarily about what it depicts. Form shapes content. A poorly executed image remains insignificant. A well- constructed image of something seemingly insignificant can be masterful. In all great work, the subject and the means which is it rendered are inseparable. Master your technique to protect your content.”

Of course I LOVE learning this, while I try to “master” my own style with mixed media. Here’s some pieces from March where I am moving away from the “She Art” and toward 2 different drawing, painting, and image styles.

photo 6
After layering papers and random paints, I got brave and painted this:
photo 1
I’m not sure how “form shapes content” in this piece? Feedback?
photo 2Her eyes are my least favorite part. Got to work on those. The green, plum, and gray color scheme are my favorite.

Next, I tried a very similar background with a stylized cartoon-style painting.
photo 5
I like how the little sheep image ended up loping across her shoulder. Great accident.
photo 3

photo 8
photo 9
photo 5
Have I mentioned “IColor Scheme”? Its a great little APP that creates color schemes to consider and try to mix at home! I love how the purple-gray and pink-red contrast so cheerfully in this piece.
photo 4

I’ve discovered Mindy Lacefield. And a whole new raw, fast, essence to capture in painting!